Gallery #1

Shared images from visitors visiting Taman Negara

Canopy Walk, 530 m long, 40meter high up treetop, world’s longest
p1010880 Jungle Trekking, spotting birds
 p1010885Giant Squirrel spotting   p1010875 Camping by stream

img-20160922-wa0005Malayan Tarantula

img-20160922-wa0006 Happy guests

elephant-poohWild Elephant Pooh

img-20160922-wa0004Golden orb web spider
 p1010981 Overnight camping in the jungle p1010953 Thick Tropical Rainforest undergrowth
img-20160922-wa0003Teresek Hill overlooking Gunung Tahan

p1010863Dinner in Gua Kepayang Besar Cave 

 p1010857Boat ride upstream Sg Tembeling

p1010925Take 5 on route to Cave

 orang-asli-visitOrang Asli Batek village visit

p1030318Rapid Rafting down Tembeling River


Isolated, quiet and privacy