Tour Activities

There are many activities awaiting for you to choose from and participate while you are at Mat Leon Village, such as:



Spend a night in one of the wildlife observation hides and wbumbun-kumbangatch the forest browsers come to supplement their mineral intake at the salt lick. These hides are scattered around the Park, some can be reached by walking other by boat



Permits costing RM10.00 can be obtained at the Park to fish in selected arfishingeas. The Sungai Keniam below Kuala Keniam Kecil are the only approved areas for fishing. The best fishing can be had during the drier months of February to April and June to August



The Orang Asli of Taman Negara call themselves “Batek” Some stay live a semi nomorang-asli-visitadic life within the Park and their settlement can be found usually along some of the forest trails or by the rivers.



Lata Berkoh is an amazing cascade that marks the limit of easy navigability on the river. A deep pool below the rapid and a rocky area ovlata-berkoherlooking it offers an ideal site for picnic.





Some 55 km from the Resort stands Gunung Tahan, Peninsula Malaysia’s hgunung-tahanighest peak. The Journey to the summit is arduous and requires a good level of physical fitness as well as the mental determination to succeed. You do not have to be an experienced mountaineer or rock climber to reach the top, however, if you are there are some challenging faces to rest your skills.


An exhilarating experience awaits you on the Sungai Tembeling. Seven sets of rapids have to be negotiated IMG_1674when traveling upstream from Kuala Tahan. Be prepared for a through soaking.





Challenging treks of various durations promise a rewarding genuine jungle adventure. Treks from a couple of mip1010879les to one of nine days duration are possible within the Park.






Let your spirit of adventure take you to new heights: the canopy, which is the top layer of vegetation in a forest. The world’s longest such walk, it winds over 530 meters in the forcanopy-walkest canopy allowing you to view the rich and diverse flora and fauna at the very summit of the forest, 45 meters above the ground.





Within a few kilometres of the Resort you will find many limestone outcrops. Limestone often means caves and Taman Negara houses mancave-explorationy cave systems. Close to the Resort are Gua Telinga (Ear Cave) which has a rock formation like a human ear, Gua Kepayang and Gua Daun Menari (the cave of the dancing leaves). Explore the unique flora and fauna of a tropical limestone cave.



Night Jungle Walk offers fascinating insight of richness and diversity of micro fauna. Ovsnake-on-the-night-safari-kuala-tahaner 1000 species of butterflies have been recorded in Taman Negara.




The eastern flanks of Gufour-tiers-waterfallnung Tahan and Gunung Gedong drop off very sharply into the headwaters of Sungai Tahan. One of the major tributaries in Ulu tahan plunges and cascades spectacularly down the mountain side in what is known as the Four Steps Waterfall. The waterfall is some 50 km from the Resort.



To enjoy a scenic view of Gunung Tahan walk to the top of Bukit Teresik. The canopy of the verdant valleys below contrast with the summit of Gunung Tahan in the distance.terisik-hill






The exhilarating experience of challenging and controlling the raft through coordinated teamwork, against the Sungai Tembeling swift river p1030318current. Seven sets of rapids have to be negotiated.





NIGHT SAFARIMERAPOH. 8 JULAI 2013 - Pengunjung boleh melakukan aktiviti malam seperti Night Safari dan Night Walk di Taman Negara, Sungai Relau, Merapoh. Gambar : Aizzul A.Majid / Pem : Nadia (RENCANA KOSMO)

Spotting nuptunal animal that became active in the coolness and darkness of the night, riding behind 4×4 vehicles.



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